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Company History

Droughtplug was set up in May 2007 to develop and market a range of exciting new products relating to saving and recycling water. We have a number of very exciting products in development and our first two are now ready for market.

Droughtplug was invented by Martin Clack when he had a "eureka" moment whilst sitting in the bath during the summer of 2006 having emptied all the water butts in his garden after a very hot day.

It is not too difficult to siphon water from the bath but the issue was how to keep the end of the hose in the bath without either having to persuade someone to hold it or putting a brick on it (which doesn't do the bath much good!)

Droughtplug is the quick and easy solution to the problem and allows you to siphon virtually all the water from the bath by being positioned at the lowest point.

The Droughtplug recycling Kit contains all the elements you need to easily recycle your bath water.

Company Director

Martin Clack

Martin Clack graduated from Sussex University before studying design and production in London. He has designed a number of products in the past as well as running a number of businesses on the south coast.

Company Director

Marcia Knight

Marcia Knight graduated from Leeds University and then took an M Sc at Imperial College, London. She has worked on New Product Development for Estee Lauder, The Body Shop and Virgin Cosmetics and has worked for a number of other retailers in a variety of Supply Chain roles. More recently she has worked in the DIY sector.

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