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What people say about Droughtplug

Mr Adams - Bristol

‘What a fantastic way to re-use bath water.’

Mr.S. Rutter - Bristol

‘We have tried one of the first plugs available, it works a treat and as we are on metered water we noticed an immediate difference in the water bill. The children use it about twice a week to fill a water butt to water our vegetable patch!’

Mr A. Fraser - Leicester

‘Being retired I am always looking at the bills and have noticed since the water meter has been fitted that my bills have really rocketed, using Droughtplug has helped, it really is a simple idea that works.’

Mr Macdonald - Bognor Regis

‘I bought the complete syphon kit it's a very simple idea, the instructions were easy to read and I use it regularly, well done Droughtplug.’

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