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Tip No. 1

If you intend to use your Droughtplug on a regular basis we might suggest that a small amount of net or a piece of stocking or a section from a pair of tights loosely positioned around the plug during siphoning will ensure that hair and other material does not enter the siphon bulb and hinder its function, we cannot refund for this eventuality.

Tip No. 2

I live in a bungalow will Droughtplug still work?

Water Recycling The simple process which allows the Droughtplug kit to work is the siphon principle.

For it to work the exit end of the device must be lower than the entry end of the water so for example the bucket into which the water is flowing must be lower than the plug level from which the water is being sucked.

Failure to make this change in level will mean the device does not work.

Tip No. 3

I have connected up the device to my hosepipe and I still cannot get it to work.

Air lock Sometimes there is an air lock in your pipe, this can be cleared by a blast of water either under mains pressure from the exit end or the same from the bath end. Its easiest to just connect it to your outside tap turn the water on and it will push the air back up and into the bath. The device will then work perfectly.

Check all joints they must all be water/air tight if water or air can escape or enter the siphon system it will not work.

All Droughtplug siphon kit parts are assembled carefully and they should not leak, most likely problems are an ageing fitting on your existing hose pipe where the joints have become loose and/or the rubber seals have begun to perish. Either replace the component part or replace the seal, all of which are available from our online shop.

Tip No. 4

I don't want a hosepipe hanging out of my window!

HosepipeWe are developing parts which will enable through the wall exit of water from your bathroom/shower room wall. Please check back soon for availability.



Tip No. 5

Will it fit my bath?

Will it fit my bathDroughtplug is not a universal fitting and in certain instances it will just not fit. It does in trials fit over 80% of applications, and there are diagrams on the Droughtplug package showing the most suitable applications.

We are in the process of developing additional plugs, one of which will fit sink fittings and one suitable for shower trays.

Tip No. 6

My plug wobbles a bit when I attach the hose pipe?

There is a lot of stress on the plug when it is inserted in the plug waste and when you attach the hose,so to keep it in the upright position, using a cable tie wrapped around the taps and the hosepipe to secure usually does the job.

Tip No. 7

My plug does not fit the sides of the hole tightly and some water is getting past?

We have a series of oversize seals to do the job, take the skinny one from the base of the plug and replace with a fatter one, email us and we'll drop a couple in the post free of charge!


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