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Nearly 30% of homes in the UK are now on a water meter and every year over 500,000 homes are put onto meters. The cost of water is rising faster than inflation and water costs will become an increasing burden for all households. The average water charge in the UK is £142 and the average sewerage charge is £280 making a total of £422 per year and this is rising fast!

You can be put on a water meter if:

  • You have a sprinkler system or permanent irrigation system.
  • If you have a power shower
  • If you have a pond or pool that holds more than 10,000 litres.
  • If your bath can hold more than 230 litres

In 2006 seven water companies restricted water use and three had drought orders granted, this affected 13 million people.

The use of Droughtplug is not affected by hosepipe restrictions but it might be a good idea to tell you neighbours that you are using Droughtplug to water the garden or wash your car.

If you run your garden hosepipe for 1 hour you will use 540 litres per hour at an average cost of £1.06 if you are on a meter.

Ofwat have agreed that water companies can increase water charges up to 4.2% a year on top of inflation for the period 2005-2010. This means you water bill will continue to rise.

You should not use grey water on vegetables.

The soil acts as a wonderful filter so it is best if you let grey water soak into the soil near to the plants you wish to water.

You should not store grey water for long periods of time without either filtering it or adding a sterilizing tablet

Don't forget you can use grey water for washing cars, garden furniture or patios.

Reducing the amount of water used will reduce carbon emissions from collecting, treating and supplying domestic water

A well kept garden can increase the value of a property by up to 17%!

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