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The Droughtplug Recycling Kit
The Droughtplug Recycling Kit

The Droughtplug Recycling Kit


  • 1 Droughtplug
  • 2 Hose End connectors
  • 1 Hosepipe with integral siphon pump
  • 1 Shut off valve
  • 1 Double-ended hose connector


Lock the Droughtplug into the bath plug hole by twisting it gently clockwise.

Attach the hose provided to the Droughtplug using one of the end connectors with the shorter piece of pipe closest to the bath and attach the other end to your garden hose using the double-ended hose connector supplied in your kit.

Squeeze the siphon pump 16-18 times until the water in the pipe is below the level of the Droughtplug and the water will then flow out of the bath.

The shut off valve can either be put at the end of the hose provided, or placed at the end of your garden hose and used to stop the flow of water when your container or watering can is full.

You can pull your garden hose up to the bathroom by dropping a retrieval line from the window, attaching it to the hose and pulling it up.

The speed at which the water flows out will depend on the difference in height between the ends of the hosepipe. The greater the height the faster the water will flow.

The Droughtplug Recycling Kit - £24.99 Inc. VAT and P&P

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